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Diverse Student Population

Our families come from all over Austin and represent different backgrounds, ethnicities and socio-economic levels (75% of our students receive tuition subsidies). We believe this diversity is crucial to developing self-aware, well-rounded children. 

Exceptional Quality and Outcomes

Monthly Tuition

Age 0-2 years $1,395
Age 3-5 years $1,195

Contact us to learn about subsidies available for income-eligible families.

There are no other costs. No waitlist fee, no application fee, no materials fee, no afterschool fee or any other surprise fee. It's simply a monthly tuition.

During enrollment, a non-refundable deposit of one full month’s tuition is required to hold your child’s spot. This will cover your first month’s tuition at Mainspring.

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We offer a group tour of Mainspring at 3:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of every month. No RSVP needed.


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Age: 6 weeks-12 months

Class sizes: 8 children, 2 teachers

The first year of life is an amazing thing to watch and be a part of! We have two infant classrooms and our teachers work to create strong attachment bonds with the children so they feel safe, especially with our youngest ones. Once the bond is created, the true learning can begin. A ton of cognitive development is happening at this age as they begin to navigate the world through their sensory experience. We strive to provide for our infants not only their basic needs of food, cleanliness and love, but also music, laughter, eye contact, rich vocabulary and praise.





Age: 1-year old

Class sizes: 8 children, 2 teachers

For part of this year, the children in these two classrooms are still considered infants. However, now they are walking and more able to choose their own activities, so we change the room around a bit.  We will begin to introduce more activities and skills that encourage autonomy while in these rooms. Namely, they will begin sitting in a normal chair at a table and work on using utensils. We don’t expect children of this age to share, but we talk about the concept. Children at this age will still vie for adult attention, which can lead to conflict, so the caregivers make every effort to proactively arrange the room and their schedule to keep the children busy, happy and healthy!





Age: 2-years old

Class sizes: 8 children, 2 teachers

The terrific twos! This is an immensely important year for our children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. They are beginning to use simple phrases to express more complicated desires and observations during this time, as well as initiating conversations with other children. In these two classrooms, we like to encourage this use of language by narrating our own actions throughout the day and describing what the children are doing with an elevated vocabulary. The twos are also making major leaps towards autonomy, namely toilet training, as well as serving, feeding and dressing themselves. As they become more comfortable with themselves, they then begin recognizing the individuality of others and start experimenting with cooperative play.





Age: 3-years old

Class sizes: 16 children, 2 teachers

We call this group the birds because they sing and sing! By this time, they have become much more comfortable with the language and their ability to ask for what they need and want. Now they begin to use their newly acquired language skills to tell stories, express their imagination and engage in social interactions. The children really love using and playing with the language at this age, so we begin to introduce literacy concepts such as alliteration, rhyming, letter names/sounds and syllables. Most of our vocabulary and language comes through the use of open-ended questioning, asking them to explore new ways of expressing their feelings and thoughts. It’s always story time in our 3-year-old classrooms!


Shining Stars

Age: 4-years old

Class size: 17 children, 2 teachers

This is a truly exciting year in a child’s life! By this time our children have tackled most self-care skills and are moving on to more academically stimulating activities.  We offer experiences and materials that encourage scientific inquiry and thought throughout the program.  Our mission is to help children from low-income families bridge the vocabulary gap by the time they enter public school.  The best way to do that is to put them in an environment with teachers that use an expansive, rich vocabulary when speaking with the children and providing a safe space for them to experiment with the language.  This, coupled with a strong science and math component, round out our curriculum.  The most important aspect of school-readiness, though, is a child’s ability to focus, interact productively with others and use appropriate coping mechanisms.  The social and emotional development of our children is our first priority.  

Additionally, both of the three year old classes and this classroom are now an official pre-K classroom of the Austin Independent School District through a unique partnership.


Natural Playscapes

Our outdoor spaces have been designed to encourage creative play and respect for the environment. At Mainspring, we feel that today’s children are inundated with synthetic versions of the real world everywhere they go, including playgrounds. By forgoing the use of large fabricated playscapes, we hope to inspire our children to use their imaginations during play and not just perform the activities prescribed by the builder. Finally, we feel that experience in nature has a calming effect, which allows for greater achievement academically.