94% of our graduates are kindergarten ready!

Our recent graduates have started their elementary school journey and we are thrilled to announce that 94% of them are kindergarten ready!

That’s a huge accomplishment. To put it into perspective, according to public data from E3 Alliance:

  • In 2018-19, 51% of all students in Central Texas were ready for kindergarten

  • Only 40% of all low-income students were deemed school ready

What does being kindergarten-ready mean for a child? Simply put: They have a significantly higher chance of succeeding in school and life. According to The Pew Charitable Trusts:

Children who attend high-quality programs are less likely to be held back a grade, less likely to need special education, and more likely to graduate from high school. They also have higher earnings as adults and are less likely to become dependent on welfare or involved with law enforcement.

Children who enter school behind their peers often stay behind. For example, children who do not recognize the letters of the alphabet when they enter kindergarten demonstrate significantly lower reading skills at the end of first grade. Eighty-eight percent of children who are poor readers in first grade will still be poor readers by fourth grade. Seventy-four percent of children who are poor readers in third grade remain poor readers when they start high school.

This is how you break generational cycles of poverty in a family.

In both 2017 and 2018, 100% of our graduates were deemed kindergarten ready by Teaching Strategies GOLD, a Texas Education Agency-sanctioned assessment platform.

Why are Mainspring graduates prepared at a higher level than the general population? We believe firmly in developing social, emotional and executive function skills in young children. These skills build the foundation necessary for learning and future success — and they are evident in every child at Mainspring.

This is your school. Thank you for making these amazing outcomes possible for each of these individual, full-of-potential young children! Together, we are changing the future of Austin.