Education Director

Meet our new Education Director!

Help us welcome our newest addition to the Mainspring family, Sam Schlickeisen:Sam I discovered my passion for working with families when I was a teenager working as a camp counselor for the YMCA of Austin. I led summer and after school programs for children in Manor, TX and later at a mixed use space on East 6th Street. I was always the one in the dirt, taking pies to the face (as a way to reward my group meeting a goal) and leading the Mini Mardi Gras parade of bikes and wagons we'd organize each year. 

Through college and after, I worked in a variety of childcare settings and during my senior year was accepted as an intern at The Children's AdvocacyCenter for DentonCounty working with children who had been victims of sexual abuse. I was part of a team helping the children and their families move past the trauma and toward healing and closure.

After graduating with my degree in Development and Family Studies my husband and I moved back to Austin as quick as we could. I have since worked for The Meadows Center for the Prevention of Education Risk and at Pearson doing educational research and assessment. I also worked at the ACC Lab School, which gave me first hand knowledge of the inner workings of an extremely loving and high quality early childhood education center, which led me to Mainspring Schools.

I firmly believe that being a part of the "village" that helps raise a child is a special gift and an awesome responsibility. My husband and I are foster parents to two children (a brother and sister) and every day with them reminds me that having a supportive network in invaluable to parents. I'm hoping to be a part of that network for parents at Mainspring.

I am a passionate educator and look forward to putting my skills to work to improve and innovate the education your children receive here at Mainspring! I am excited to get to know you, your children and your families as we work together to ensure the brightest possible future for all of the students at Mainspring. Please feel free to come to me with questions, concerns or suggestions about your child's life and learning at Mainspring. I am excited to partner will you and with the amazing teachers and administrators here.