Certified Pre-K Teacher

Our mission is to help families break out of the cycle of poverty. For 76 years, Mainspring Schools has led Austin’s effort to provide quality early childhood education, nutrition and support services to underserved families in the community.

We are a NAEYC-accredited, nonprofit preschool that partners with United Way, AISD, Workforce Solutions, Early Head Start and numerous foundations to make sure that our kids are prepared for kindergarten socially, emotionally and educationally and that their families are in the best position for future success. 

We are looking for a passionate, creative certified teacher to lead a pre-K3 classroom of 16 children, along with a full-time assistant teacher. This is a full-time position.

As part of our partnership with AISD, you must have a current Texas Educator's Certificate.

At Mainspring, you’ll experience low ratios, less paperwork and a hard-but-rewarding opportunity to make a real difference in kids’ lives. Good things happen here every day, so if you are inspired by the mission and want to feel challenged and fulfilled by your job, we hope you’ll be part of the team. 


  • Ensure that all children are properly supervised at all times, including knowing the exact number of children in his/her care, the location of the children, and for which the children (s)he is responsible.

  • Establish and maintain a collegial, communicative relationship with your assistant that facilitates collaboration on:

  • Design an age-appropriate curriculum that meets the needs and interests of the children in the group.

  • Arrange room and design the instructional space (e.g., bulletin boards, walls, etc.)

  • Create daily schedule and routine of activities, both group and individual, that meets physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs of the children and, that is coordinated with other groups using the same space or equipment.

  • Maintain records of each child’s progress and development using observations and assessments

  • Meet requirements of Texas Minimum Standards, Texas Rising Star, NAEYC, AISD and any other accreditation requirements.

  • Maintain required paperwork.

  • Develop a friendly relationship and open communication with each child and his/her family.

  • Provide supervision, encouragement and guidance for assistant, volunteers, substitutes, visiting student observers

  • Maintain cooperative and productive relationships with other center staff.

  • Continue to develop professional skills through outside sources (i.e., related college courses, reading, conferences, training meetings, and membership in professional organizations). A minimum of 30 hours of documented training per year is required.

  • Perform daily housekeeping tasks related to certain activities of the program, (i.e., meals, art activities, pets, etc.).

  • Maintain current first aid training and CPR certificate.

  • Lead teachers are the only teachers to talk with parents about difficult subjects.

  • Other duties as may be assigned by the Education Director.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in child development or early childhood and one year’s supervised teaching experience; or, Associate degree in child development or early childhood and two years’ supervised preschool teaching experience; Bachelor's degree in similar field with at least 30 hours in ECE.

  • Current Certification through the TEA qualifying you to work in an AISD classroom

  • Knowledge and understanding of children’s growth and development, as well as their physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs.

  • Willingness to continue professional growth through related college courses, reading, conferences, training, meetings, and/or membership in professional organizations.

  • Understanding of the special concerns of low income families and children.

  • Qualifications as designated by the “Texas Minimum Standards for Day Care Centers.”

  • Ability to supervise children by sight and sound at all times

  • Able to lift, carry, and walk with 40 pounds. Must be able to get on floor and get up.

What we offer:

  • Competitive compensation ($18-22 per hour) and benefits, including health insurance and 401k matching

  • The opportunity to make a real difference with underserved kids

  • A diverse population of families and staff

  • A dynamic and fun place to work (casual dress code, freedom to teach your passions, etc.)

  • Annual paid training and staff development (usually on site)

  • Substitutes available to cover your paid time off

  • A supportive admin staff (including a full-time Director of Family Services)

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to education@mainspringschools.org.