Our scholarship fund is at the heart of this mission

Every day, we help families in Austin break the relentless cycle of poverty. But outside of Mainspring, not every day goes smoothly.

When our families are in crisis, our scholarship fund allows them to stay at Mainspring where they will get the care they need to get back on their feet. This stability is crucial for our at-risk kids during their most vulnerable days.

Your tax-duductible support of the scholarship fund helps an individual child during a time of great need. Thank you for making this possible.



A little about the Rudi Andrus Scholarship Fund

Approximately 75% of children attending Mainspring School are from families living below the poverty level and receive tuition assistance from various sources. Without this scholarship fund, families would have to withdraw from Mainspring and likely have no other place to turn for quality preschool education and childcare.

Rudi Andrus, Executive Director of Mainspring from 2006-2017, never wanted a child to have to leave the school because of temporary financial difficulties. Because of her kindness, generosity, and dedication to the families of Mainspring, the Rudi Andrus Scholarship Fund was established in her honor upon her retirement.

Mainspring Schools is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID# 74-1143055