The Little School Doing Big Things

Mainspring is a lean nonprofit that is changing young lives at the grassroots level and improving Austin’s future. It’s a community effort supported by individuals, partners and corporations who believe that early childhood education and a two-generation approach to breaking cycles of poverty should be a priority in our society.

We are all stewards of this long-standing, successful mission and a respected organization. As such, we believe in full transparency so that our community sees the work being done and the status of the organization that they support through volunteering, donations, advocacy and encouragement. Below, we are pleased to share our most recent auditor’s report, 990 and Annual Report.

Annual Financial Statements with Independent Auditor's Report, 2017-18
Form 990, 2017-18

2017-18 Mainspring Schools Annual Report

Donations are a crucial part of our ability to serve these at-risk young children and their families. Thank you for supporting the work being done every day at Mainspring Schools!